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    A summary of our passage through this 2015 CONSTRUMAT

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    Responding to strong demand of products and services from clients around the world, linea COR is now available in English, Italian and Russian.

Understanding rusting process

Corten-steel rusts due to a chemical reaction known as redox (reduction-oxidation). Rusting is produced due to oxygen's action in contact with steel's external surface More

Controlling rusting process

Treatment solutions for corten steel and other materials.

lineaCOR covers all the rusting treatment process for corten steel and other non-ferric surfaces such as plaster, concrete, wood, etc.. It is the professional solution for works with rusted materials giving them an incomparable quality.

Thanks to our products and processes a new world of possibilities has been opened to give a rusted appearance to: planters, monuments, walls, doors, fences, tree surrounds, canopies, roofs, pillars, furniture, walls, lamps, ceilings, beams, floors, windows, decorations, frames, etc ...

lineaCOR products

lineaCOR is the best quality range of products for corten-steel's treatment. It is composed by a wide variety of products covering all the stadiums of corten-steel's treatment process.More

A range products full of solutions

A little bit of history

Traditional rusting processes, just like hydrogen peroxide's use, HCI with water (and some other dilute acids), water with salt, marine water, etc, took us to a quick but not controlled rusting process. More