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This product is the definitive alternative to sand-blasting methode for the total/parcial MILL SCALE extraction.

It is an acid liquid (also sell in gel format). This chemical compound acts over external surface of corten-steel disolving and extracting the annoying MILL SCALE.

We invite you to read carefully TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION before product application. Exclusively qualified workers should manipulate this product.

It is possible to use in flat and/or vertical surfaces and it will be necessary to clean well the surface from other substances that could previously exist over the surface, like polish, painting, dirt, etc. allowing the product act homogeneously over the surface. It is possible to apply the product 3-4 times over the surface with a paintbrush or a scourer to accelerate the process and remove mill scale faster. Plenty of water will be necessary to clean the surface at the end of the process. When the surface will be completely dry, we will able to apply the rust-activator act-COR , which will inmediately act, giving in a few minutes its typical orange tonality.


ADVICE: All persons working with this product must extreme precautions. After using this product, always clean with enough water the surface and never mix with other substances, which could react and produce damaging gases.




dx-COR is packaged on high resistance, transluced plastic bottle with security cap on the next formats:

bz-COR 1L.

0.5 Liters

bz-COR 1L.

1 Liter.

bz-COR 5L.

2 Liters.

bz-COR 5L.

5 Liters.

bz-COR 5L.

25 Liters.