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Over our lineaCOR range of products, we offer our clients our varnishes' variety to give the final layer to our surface. bz-COR is our first application varnish after the stopping bath process. This varnish has a half-glossy aspect and it can be applied on surfaces which will be installed at indoor structures (where it won't be too much humidity or direct rain), and, as we will see later, it combines with bz-COR polyurethane glossy varnish or bz-COR polyurethane matt creating a resting membrane for further applications of stronger varnishes that couldn't be applied directly over the stopping bath. Parts treated with bz-COR have a very peculiar appearance confering also a protection to the stopping bath.


Easy application and quick dry process

One of the most important characteristics of bz-COR varnish is its drying-speed on steel-corten surfaces. It is very important that stopping bath will be well-dry (wait 24 hours) and without humidity at the moment of application, despite this product has offered very good results also when the drying time has been shorter. It is strongly recommended to apply bz-COR (one layer) before using other varnishes like bz-COR polyurethane glossy, bz-COR polyurethane matt or bz-COR nature matt. .

This varnish applied on corten-steel does not have any maintenance* at indoor structures. Only at outdoor works we recommend the application of bz-COR polyurethane glossy or bz-COR polyurethane matt like a prevention against the action of atmospheric agents.

(*) At indoor structures, having a high and continuous humidity level or existing any chemical agent which could attack the varnish, we must apply a varnish's maintenance. Maintenance periode will depend on exposition conditions but, in general, every 5 years will be enough.

ADVICE: We invite you to read carefully TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION before applying this product. Bad use of this product will take us to an unexpected result. .



bz-COR is packaged on high resistance, transluced plastic bottle with security cap on the next formats:

bz-COR 1L.

1 Liter

bz-COR 5L.

5 Liters








Here you can see some finished works with each product.


Bird cage in corten-steel rusted with lineaCOR products
Corten steel wall varnished with bz-COR