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bz-COR polyurethane matt

bz-COR polyurethane matt varnish is used at outdoor works. It is a monocomponent varnish with an ADDITIVE which dries under a polymerizating process. It must be applied over bz-COR polyurethane glossy.

It doesn't modify corten-steel matt appearance. Application of this product requires some ability and attention because, after mixing aditive and varnish, we will only have 2-3 hours to apply on a surface preserving matt appareance. This must be considered at the time of application.

This product offers a high hardness level against scratches and dents.


ADVICE: We invite you to read carefully TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION before applying this product. Bad use of this product will take us to an unexpected result. .



bz-COR polyurethane matt is packaged on high resistance, transluced plastic bottle with security cap on the next formats:

bz-COR 1L.

1 Liter.

bz-COR 5L.

5 Liters.







Here you can see some finished works with each product.