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bz-COR polyurethane glossy

bz-COR polyurethane glossy is our varnish for outdoor environments. This is a monocomponent varnish which has a polymerizating drying process. Application of several layers will be needed to give a good protection to corten steel surface.

It offers an attractive ending, giving also an extra protection, due to its polymer nature.

Despite rust usual tonality is matt, this varnish breaks the rules and allows us a glossy ending appareance which turns slowly to matt in 8-10 months.



ADVICE: We invite you to read carefully TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION before applying this product. Bad use of this product will take us to an unexpected result. .




bz-COR polyurethane glossy is packaged on high resistance, transluced plastic bottle with security cap on the next formats:

bz-COR 1L.

1 Liter.

bz-COR 5L.

5 Liters.








Here you can see some finished works with each product.


 Corten steel wall rusted with act-COR and varnished with bz-COR polyurethane glossy