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This product is responsible for activate rusting process in record time (2-3 hours), considering the product is applied on corten-steel without MILL-SCALE. act-COR (rust activator) is a high-quality revolutionary product, and you will obtain professional results over corten-steel surfaces.

We recommend to apply this product with an atomizer to obtain professional results. If we want to get different tonalities at rusting it will be necessary more than one application over the surface. Before that, we must wait until the first application will be totally dry (2-3 hours). This time will depend on climate conditions.

ADVICE: We invite you to read carefully TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION before applying this product. Bad use of this product will take us to an unexpected result. .



act-COR is packaged on high resistance, transluced plastic bottle with security cap on the next formats:

bz-COR 0,5L.

0,5 Liters.

bz-COR 1L.

1 Liter.

bz-COR 5L.

2 Liters.

bz-COR 5L.

5 Liters.

bz-COR 5L.

25 Liters.








Here are some pictures of different surfaces where act COR has been applied.


Corten steel façade rusted with act-COR
Corten steel entrance rusted with act-COR
act-COR rusting process
Corten steel plaque with mill-scale rusted with act-COR