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linea COR products


linea COR is the best quality range of products for corten-steel's treatment. It is composed by a wide variety of products which covers all the stadiums of corten-steel's treatment process: act-COR rust activator, bp-COR stopping bath, bz-COR protector varnishes and b-COR metallic base.

linea COR products have been conceived to rust corten-steel at the fastest possible time, not losing the exceptional quality ending with a high durability degree and also with a high resistance to atmospheric agents.

When corten-steel is processed appropiately with lineaCOR products does not produce rusted spots because of rain, moisture, etc. It is possible to perpetually* paralyze rusting process and avoid rusted spots problems.

(*) At outdoor works and depending on metheorological conditions, it will be necessary corten-steel's maintenance with bz-COR protector varnish.


Optimizing costs

Steel, processed with linea COR products, obtains an incomparable result in record time. We also can choose the final appearance in our rusted piece (glossy or matt). Even it is possible to apply a final layer, giving a higher hardness and resistance against atmospheric agents or vandalism.


"Not all that glitters is corten..."

Thanks to linea COR and thanks to our efforts to offer our clients the best applied technology, nowadays we offer the possibility of rust other surfaces differents from steel. It is possible to rust a wide variety of surfaces by LPO (Layered Process of Oxidation) using b-COR metallic base. It will not be necessary a sheet or steel structure, it is possible to rust a wall, floor, wood statue, plastic objects, etc. We just need to apply a priming layer (adapted to the type of surface), a b-COR metallic base layer, the rust activator act-COR and a bp-COR layer to stop rusting. Finally, if we want a glossy or matt appearance, we could apply later bz-COR polyurethane glossy or bz-COR polyurethane matt, which will also give an extra anti-stain protection.



  • It is very important to prepare adequately the surface we want to rust before beginning the rusting treatment (read documentation in each case).
  • Products must be shaken before application for complete homogenization.
  • Keep products in dry places and avoid solar light and high temperatures.