The company

OXIDACION VIDMETAL S.L was borned as a challenge after a conversation between manufacturers talking about corten-steel's problems and posibilities. Traditional rusting processes were based on the use of hydrogen peroxide's use, HCI with water (and some other dilute acids), water with salt, marine water, etc, which took us to a quick but not controlled rust. That was a general problem with no definitely solution becaming our main challenge...

After some years of investigation we designed a range of products to completely rust corten-steel. We discovered a quick and controlled process for rusting, finding also the solution for the main problem: stop rusting process. Today we go further, ofering a variety of new solutions to, also, rust different kind of materials, as wood, marble, concrete, plastic, glass, brass, aluminum, etc, thanks to our product b-COR metallic base .

For the next years, more than 50.000 corten-steel's tons will be installed over the world; our objective is that a high percentage will be treated with linea COR products.

Bridges, stairs, window boxes, tables, walls, monuments, sculptures waiting for someone to be designed in corten-steel. Our duty is to make this possible...

Thanks for trust in us and let us be part of your creations.


Lidia Madueño

Marketing director




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